Meet The Team

David Slade

Owner & Arborist

David began Family Tree Care in 1995 and has tenderly cared for it ever since. He has a deep love and understanding for trees and the natural world. He takes pride in his work and carefully cares for the many great client relationships he has established since the inception of Family Tree Care. Most mornings you can find him perched in the bucket truck or swinging around a big tree.

Jake Slade

Climber & Aerial Lift Operator

Jake took an early interest in working outside, and fortunately the family business afforded him the opportunity to play in the trees as an adult. He loves to climb trees of all sizes and enjoys the puzzle of tree work. When he isn’t working at Family Tree Care you can find him on the soccer field.

Dylan Mulligan


Dylan’s concentrated efforts are quickly turning him into a professional tree climber. Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you, he probably already got your joke and then made it funnier. His impressive IQ and passion for manual labor may have thrown his parents for a loop but we couldn’t be happier about it. Although he dreams of living in the temperate Floridian climate you’d be hard pressed to hear him say he’s cold.

Matthew Evans

Groundsman / Bucket Operator

Matthew Evans, fondly referred to as Matthew Heavens hails from Guilford, CT. Some time ago he owned his own tree company which has since closed but the years of accumulated experience live on in Matt’s knowing smile. His laconic demeanor and positive attitude help him cope with the “elder abuse” from his teammates. Like the rest of the team Matt is a Ford man and on the weekends can be seen cruising the backroads in his beloved red F150. 

Joey Fazzone


Joeys spunk and energy emulate that of a young golden retriever. Try to be grumpy around him on a cold winter morning, it’s hardly possible. Joey is new to tree work but not to working outside. He has a passion for climbing trees, and if he can fit his arms around it, he can probably climb it. If you catch Joey outside work he probably has a fishing pole in one hand and a his cowboy hat on his head.

Caitlin McCoy

Office Manager

Marley Slade

Marketing & Design

Interested in joining our team?

We are always in search of new team members that fit in well with our professional culture of safety, service, stewardship, and sustainability. If you enjoy the purity of working outside, the physicality of working with your body, and the rhythm that can be found within a team then please reach out!