Our Tree Care Services

Family Tree Care offers a wide variety of services in Guilford and surrounding towns. It is important to remember that if you are considering any treatment that will improve your tree’s health it is necessary to use a Connecticut licensed arborist, such as Family Tree Care. Not only is it the law, but arborists licensed in Connecticut are most capable of caring for native species.


The practice of pruning trees has evolved over time and today we prune trees for many reasons.


We love trees and hate to see them removed but sometimes it is the best option for our client’s property and their overall goals. In such cases we use skilled climbers and special equipment which allow us to safely remove a tree. 


In today’s world of soil injections, chemical fertilizers, and other invasive procedures we have returned to more natural practices when it comes to plant health care. The best way to promote a healthy tree is to supply it with nutrient rich compost.

Stump Grinding

Often times, after a tree is removed from a key location on the property it makes sense to grind it’s stump. Grinding brings the tree’s stump and roots to below the soil grade level and makes it possible to plant grass where the tree used to stand.

Cabling & Bracing

Trees are strong and flexible, but sometimes they need a little extra help staying upright. Family Tree Care installs cables and/or braces to help mitigate the risk of a tree failing and potentially damaging our client’s property. 

Brush Cutting

Family Tree Care has the equipment to clear large swaths of overgrown brush, bushes, and small trees. If you have an overgrown area that you would like cleared, brush cutting might be the best option for you.

Air Spading

Often times trees struggle to survive in urban or suburban environments because they are surrounded by compacted soils. Compacted soils prevent tree roots from being able to physically grow and inhibit the tree from adequately absorbing nutrients.

Wood Chip Delivery

If you are looking to add some wood chips to your garden beds or wood-line, our chips are the perfect option. They are less expensive (and by this we mean FREE) than processed mulch, plus they are not filled with dye!

Firewood Delivery

Family Tree Care offers cords and half cords of dried seasoned hardwood to Guilford CT and the surrounding areas.

Woodland Improvement & Fire Mitigation

Occasionally it makes sense to remove fallen brush and logs from a wooded area. This can be done to enhance the aesthetic of a woodland area as well as reduce the risk of forest fire.