Tree Removal in Guilford, CT

We love trees and hate to see them removed but sometimes it is the best option for our client’s property and their overall goals. The main reason for removing a tree is that it poses some hazard. It may be dead, dying, or diseased which heightens the risk of failure. Additionally, our growing urban forest means we often find trees in close proximity to houses or important structures. In some cases removing such trees is the best way to eliminate risk. 

Removing a tree involves large forces and complex physics. It is a task that requires foresight and practice and should be handled by a professional. During a tree removal we use skilled climbers and special equipment which allow us to safely remove the tree.

How do I know I need to remove a tree?

There are several signs your tree might need to come down. Large hollows or old wounds on the tree trunk often indicate a structural defect and are potential cause for tree removal. Mushrooms or fruiting bodies on the trunk are also indicators of fungal infiltration and a tree that may fall. Damage to the root zone (often denoted by a dead tree top) can also be a reason for tree removal. An uprooting tree may also be cause for tree removal.

What if I’m worried about a tree falling on my house? 

If you are worried about your tree falling on your house it is a good idea to have it assessed by an arborist at Family Tree Care. There is inherent risk involved with any standing tree but we will be able to help you understand those risks and make the best decision for you and your property.

Can I tell if my tree is sick? Does that mean I should remove it?

A sick tree does not always mean it needs to be removed. There are methods we can employ to help your tree survive.

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