Family Tree Care

Family Tree Care has been the go to tree care company in Guilford Connecticut and surrounding towns for the past 24 years. We are Connecticut licensed arborists who pride ourselves on safety, service, stewardship, and sustainability.

Tree work is dangerous by nature. There are sharp tools, uncertain variables, and work at height. Given these, and other hazards, the most important thing is for everyone to safely complete each day and return to their loved ones. At Family Tree Care we hold safety above all else because our people and their well-being are most important. To read more about the safety standards in our industry click here.

Service to our community is also important to us. In a globalized economy where large corporations dominate we recognize the importance of local community and the role we play in the fabric of it. Family Tree Care frequently donates time and resources to preserve historic properties and trees in and around the town of Guilford Connecticut. We often work at the Dudley Farm, The Guilford Keeping Society, and with the Guilford Land Conservation Trust.

Stewardship is equally important to Family Tree Care and is closely related with our commitment to service. We feel that in todays fast paced and highly digitalized world it is important to reconnect with the natural world. We believe that it is our responsibility to help facilitate this connection by helping our clients care for the trees on their landscape. A tree greatly enhances the aesthetic of a property and if properly cared for, it can do so for many generations. Family Tree Care is committed to helping balance the needs of trees and those of our clients for many years to come. 

Sustainability is deeply important to Family Tree Care. We understand and acknowledge that cutting down trees negatively impacts the environment in more ways than one. This knowledge troubles us and we take steps we feel are necessary to mitigate the negative impacts we have on the earth. We are committed to moving the field of urban forestry forward along with the world by advancing our sustainable practices. Read more about our sustainable initiative here (Hyperlink).

New Haven County, Connecticut Licensed Arborists

Thinking about pruning your tree? It’s the perfect time! Pruning your trees is important for their health and your safety whether it is spring, summer, winter, or fall! A beautiful healthy tree increases your property’s value and improves the aesthetic of your land. Pruning out dead branches diminishes potential safety hazards while also reducing day to day cleanup. Pruning can also be employed to enhance the shape of a tree or obtain a scenic view. 

Do you have a tree that needs to be removed? If your tree is a safety hazard it might be a good idea to have it removed. Doing so helps keep you and your home safe throughout the year and especially during severe weather. As you cultivate your landscape, thoughtfully removing a tree can enhance the natural beauty of the property and shed light on other notable species.

Is your tree struggling, or do you simply want to give It a little extra love? Composting boosts your trees health by feeding it the extra nutrients it needs to thrive. A healthy tree is a valuable tree, plus it feels good to take care of your property!